Musing 003

Thinking about the concept of zones I began to question how zones are devised and how useful they are. Can you force logic? Can you force an identity on an area or environment? Is knowing what zone you are in enough to orientate oneself? Is zoning the answer to all wayfinding problems?

Some examples of zoning and related quotes.

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3 Responses to Musing 003

  1. Alan Kriegel says:

    I think zoning absolutely helps, but it MUST have context. This is a bit unfair, but I come from Philadelphia and our zones work very well. While they are color-coded, each zone has a meaningful name: Old City, Rittenhouse Square, etc. Each reflects the area it is fitted into the signage and mapping.


    • wayfindinguk says:

      Thanks for the comment Alan. I agree that in some cases zoning undoubtedly helps. This is often the case in parts of America where the streets follow a very grid like pattern. The purpose of my ‘musings’ are really to play devil’s advocate and to question everything around me in the hope I can better understand the issues we face as information designers. The examples I have shown are not necessarily wrong to create zones, but I was using them as a tool to spark debate as to why zoning is used generally and to see if there are different ways to present information.

      My current sketchbook Uncovering the ‘hidden logic’ is a bit of an exploration on my part. David Gibson’s talk inspired me to explore the whole idea of logic, the presentation/simplification of information and how we see the world around us. To do this I want to question everything around me including my own beliefs and try to push the boundaries. I would love to hear the views of other people in the industry on my ‘musings’ whether they agree or disagree.

  2. James Brown says:

    An interesting subject to muse on, the idea of zones, villages, districts, quarters so on can often just add yet another layer of information someone has to learn in an already information heavy urban realm. Perhaps its not about drawing dividing lines and communicating this graphically but, looking at how integrating the individual offers of the area into the fabric of the buildings and the streets. More about placemaking than wayfinding!

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