SDS Launch New Website

SDS logo
The Sign Design Society has been working hard behind to scenes to update their existing web presence. This week they launched their new look website and brand new forum!

The society may use the word sign in their title, but don’t but fooled into thinking this is all the society is about. The SDS boasts members from all types of backgrounds and communities including: graphic designers, wayfinding consultants, manufacturers, academics, human factors experts and students.

As a member I will admit that I rarely used the old website. I used it to check on new events and have a general peruse, but that was it. It wasn’t that the original site was particularly bad, it just didn’t encourage any interaction between the site and it’s members. It was a great place to find out information, but not a place to share knowledge and experiences or spark a discussion.

Not only is the new website bigger, bolder and more functional, but it offers a more accessible, informative and interactive service. Anyone with an interest in wayfinding can sign up to the website and use the basic functions, however members can make full use of it’s major new features:

  • Membership is now available online and subscriptions can be renewed very easily. Members can review their personal information – e.g. to change an email address, and indicate preferences in online polls and surveys
  • Members receive automatic reminders 14 days before their membership expires, ensuring that your membership is always up to date.
  • Forums are more accessible with special pages for Employment Opportunities where members can advertise vacancies, and for Member to Member communications.
  • Booking Tickets for events has been made easier. Members can reserve their places using a simple on-line booking form, whilst non-members can buy tickets to attend talks and events with a few mouse clicks
  • The Book Shop is easily accessible and offers discounted prices to Members of the Society.
  • Previous talks are now archived, with powerpoint presentations viewable on-line. This immensely valuable members-only resource will be expanded and experimentation with video recordings of talks is being considered.
  • Members can now comments on talks and events.

The SDS has members from around the globe and for me the main advantage of the new site is that it provides a place where everyone can come together. The monthly talks are a great way of interacting with the wayfinding community, but as they are held in London it limits who can attend. The new site allows members from all parts of the world to download content, comment and discuss the monthly events.

Over the coming months I will be working closely with the SDS steering group to look at ways to encourage more member participation on the site, in particular through the use of the forums.

Check out the new site at

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